Wemding's time pyramid
793 - 1993 - 3183

Wemding's time pyramid was started in the same year that the 1200 years celebration were held to mark Wemding's 1200 years of history. The sculpture has been conceived to express this length of time.

The pyramid consists of 120 stone or concrete blocks measuring 1.2 mtrs x 1.2 mtrs x 1.8 mtrs.
It is designed to be built at 10 year intervals, i.e. it will be complete in 1200 years from now, in the year 3183. The design is based on the following calculation:

  On the base measuring 13.8 mtrs x 13.8 mtrs there will be a first layer of 8 x 8 blocks = 64 cubes
  The second layer will be one block shorter at the sides, i.e 6 x 6 blocks = 36 cubes
  The third layer will consist of 4 x 4 blocks: = 16 cubes
  The fourth and top layer will consist of 2 x 2 blocks = 4 cubes
  giving a total of 120 cubes

120 cubes, put into position one by one every 10 years, correspond to the current 1200 years of history. I would like to point out that the connection between the quantity of blocks required to build the pyramide and the 1200 years since the first official record of Wemding's existence represent a unique coincidence: a comparable constellation would last have been the year 1633 (7 x 7 stones) or would not next be until the year 2443 (9 x 9 stones)!
Consequently a sculpture in this form could only be started in the jubilee year of 1993.
The project is financed from the interest on a relatively small endowment.

The location of the pyramid which was begun in the year 1993 is the "Platte", the rounded hilltop on the north edge of the town.
A model to a scale of 1:20 can be found in "Haus des Gastes" next to the tourist office in Wemding.

Manfred Laber
Author: Manfred Laber, Wemding
Translation: Gillian Graf, Wemding - thank you
Last revision: Fri, 1 Aug 2003